Suzana Ustabecir

As principal of the Harriet E. Sayre Language Academy in Chicago, Illinois, Suzana Ustabecir achieved significant student academic, behavioral, and social-emotional growth while optimizing operational efficiency. She created a comprehensive strategic plan and implemented a number of instructional development methods, including training programs and pedagogical focus teams. By the end of her tenure, Suzana Ustabecir had facilitated 70 percent educational attainment in grades three through eight and driven a 24 percent growth in English language learners' expected growth achievement.

Suzana Ustabecir also facilitated improvements in behavioral health delivery. Through the creation of behavior management protocols, she reduced in-school suspension by 50 percent, while also increasing support and referrals for students needing additional psychosocial interventions. Similarly, for students in need of academic modifications, she worked to ensure service delivery provided in a minimally restrictive environment.

Suzana Ustabecir comes to her school leadership role with a master of education in administration and supervision, as well as a bachelor of arts in elementary education. An experienced resident principal and administrator, she draws on six years as a cluster lead teacher at the elementary level.

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